It’s another week in the Electroneum Universe! ETN Lottery is in effect!

Hey my beautiful people! It’s another week in the beautiful Universe. Give thanks and praise for life. We’ve got another ETN Lottery drawing happening this Friday at 10am EST (take note of the time change…we want to allow our west coast partners to wake up a little bit at least.) Big up to @cryptocapsule for his donation of 5000ETN into this week’s pot for all the Electroneum community far and wide to take a chance on. It’s only a dollar worth of ETN. Let’s have some fun! And don’t forget 30% of the proceeds goes to the Electroneum Foundation, which you guys will help to direct the funds for. That’s what becoming a member of the Electroneum Universe is all about…having fun, and making positive change. Peace, blessings, and true justice worldwide. -Rasta G

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