Greetings and welcome to the Electroneum Universe. Feel free to look around and make yourself comfortable. We’ve got lots of great things going on at Electroneum Universe. You can visit the ETN marketplace, where there are tons of vendors selling their goods & services for ETN. You can also donate a little bit of ETN to take part in our non-profit ETN Lottery, where you can possibly win some ETN. We’re also the home to the Electroneum Foundation, a private Trust, created for the ETN community at home & abroad, where we look forward to working with you to create a positive future with ETN.

You can also make friend requests, private or public message, create forums, take part of the upcoming & vibrant universe known as the Electroneum Universe!

Everyone is welcome. Enjoy your stay!

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Instead of having a weekly drawing, we’ve decided to begin holding the ETN Lottery once a month to make it more exciting! This allows more participation and more chance to win something more substantial. Again, this is donation based and totally about you guys having fun.

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The ETN Marketplace

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99 cents channel, Truthful Rob channel, Sean Davis channel, All About Tech, and more.


Rasta G, The Electroneum Universe.